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We are focused on improving the performance of people in organizations, with extensive experience of working with teams and individuals in a wide range of organizations. 


  • Leadership development & training 

  • Executive coaching

  • H.R. strategy development

  • Expertise in the MBTI® tool and a wide range of psychometric and 360 instruments 


We have worked in more than 40 countries and across six continents, acquiring the knowledge, skills and cultural sensitivities to support the development needs of leaders. Personal experience and empathy, based on our own career experience, differentiates our services.


Examples of assignments include;

Leadership Development & Training



  • Faculty on global leadership development programs for client in the oil & gas sector. Co-led programs in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Singapore and U.S.A.                                           

  • Faculty on senior level development programs for financial sector client in Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Designed and led programs on Coaching for Leaders in Netherlands, and United Kingdom for client in the shipping/ports sector.

  • Designed and led Understanding Self, Understanding Others programs - as an essential component of any leadership development initiative - for many clients in sectors including;

    • Banking & Finance

    • FMCG

    • Government & Civil Service

    • Hotels & Tourism

    • Law

    • Technology

  • On behalf of The Conference Board conducted and published research on 'Identifying & Developing Leaders for Growth in Asia Pacific'


H.R. Strategy Development


  • Facilitated H.R. strategy development workshops for global, regional and country H.R. teams, in sectors including;

    • Banking

    • Healthcare

    • Insurance

    • Oil & Gas

    • Pharmaceutical                                                       

  • Program Director, on behalf of The Conference Board for;

    • Senior H.R. Business Partners Council, USA

    • Emerging Markets H.R. Council

  • Organized and chaired human resource executive briefings, conferences and webcasts on behalf of The Conference Board in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore

  • Designed and implemented new job evaluation and remuneration scheme for international I.T. business

  • Senior Fellow, Human Capital at The Conference Board, supporting the Human Capital Practice which includes The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange™, research, conferences, webcasts and programs in a broad spectrum of human capital areas. 

Psychometric Instruments
  • Conducted first ever MBTI® certification programs in Egypt, Israel and Indonesia. Delivered the program in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Middle East and U.S.A.

  • Conducted more than 40 Public and in-house certification programs for MBTI® , FIRO-B®, CPI 260®, Strong Interest Inventory® , Benchmarks® 360 and SKILLSCOPE® 360 instruments. 

  • Custom designed 360 evaluation process for >100 managers in government owned utility, certifying H.R. managers to provide feedback

  • Implemented and led inaugural 360 evaluation process, including feedback to top executives, for Korean chaebol

  • Optimizing team performance workshops delivered for many organizations, utilizing the MBTI® and/or FIRO-B® tool. Worked with;

    • Boards of directors 

    • Global functional teams

    • Regional management teams

    • Project teams

  • Conflict resolution workshops, utilizing TKI™ tool, with project teams in military and oil & gas sectors

  • Designed and led workshops on MBTI® Profiling & Insights in Netherlands, Panama and United Kingdom for client in ports sector

Executive Coaching


  • Senior level executive coaching assignments for many hundreds of leaders in sectors including;

    • Banking

      • High potential country head of retail banking, with specific developmental challenges to address

      • Head of private banking with serious team leadership challenges

    • Electronics

      • Plateauing, in denial, senior level executive

    • Food & Agriculture 

      • Provided coaching and 360 de-briefing to participants on high potential development programs

    • Government owned business

      • Struggling CEO, requiring but not wanting to obtain and act on 360 feedback

    • Hotels & Tourism

      • Regional H.R. leader new to Asia Pacific. Strong performer but lacking in confidence in new cultural context

    • Oil & Gas

      • Provided coaching and 360 de-briefing to participants on senior level development programs

    • Telecommunications

      • Implemented and conducted coaching program for executive management team, who were a mixture of enthusiasts , sceptics and the the deeply suspicious and nervous

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